EAVA Issue I: Pilgrimages

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Image of EAVA Issue I: Pilgrimages


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A5 perfect-bound, 90 pages recycled paper.

Issue I 'Pilgrimages', the beginning of EAVA.
A collection of East Anglian art and folklore.

A pilgrimage can take many forms. The artists within this issue have shared work and essays that will take you on a journey through their creative practice, experiences, and memories. Photographers, musicians, painters, poets and more fill these pages.

Through the issue you will find scattered illustrations of the medieval graffiti we sought on one of our own journeys: ships, hexafoils, demons, sun-dials and iconography of local industries adorn features and margins, similar to how these marks are distributed through naves and chancels in the region.

If this issue is dedicated to anyone, it must be the inimitable W.G. Sebald, whose presence still occupies the aether of the East Anglian landscape, and continues to inspire.

Lara Cobden
Sophie Curtis
Yalda Davis
Mari French
Amy Gladding
Roger Hargreaves
Alex Howard
Martin Laurance
Simon Nunn
Justin Partyka
Kirsten Riley
Alex F Webb
B Booth